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Sunday, December 19, 2010

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SL Events: Flowers of Life Art Opening, Yule Festival, Shakespeare and More

Art Opening: Flowers of Life - Tournicon Gallery

Roundup of Upcoming Events by Guest Contributor: Any1 Gynoid…

Art Opening: Flowers of Life – Two and ½ years in the making, Mariaka Nishi’s lifelong vision is this incredible immersive art show, featuring dozens of top SL artists. Sunday 12:30 pm on 12/19. In Metaversel. [SLurl teleport at this link]

Any1 Gynoid teaches Journalism, Photography, Music Promotion, and SL Power User Tricks for New Citizens Inc. Any1 and Cat Darwinian are co-authors of the SL power user guide: “Always Have Fun!” [Download at this link]


Sunday 12/19

5 pm – Political News Junkies Digby and Susie Madrak

Interview show Virtually Speaking hosts epic bloggers, Digby and Susie Madrak, prolific contributors to blogazines: Salon Magazine, Eschaton, Huffington Post, Hullabaloo, Crooks and Liars, Suburban Guerilla, and FireDogLake. Jay Ackroyd hosts. In Virtually Speaking. [SLurl teleport at this link]

6 pm – Community: Jackson Street Books Open House

Owner Bookem Jackson plans a full evening with intelligent chat, holiday music, freebies, and contests. Meet a great circle of political friends and join the subscribo for her “Meet the RL Author” event series. In Pini. [SLurl teleport at this link]


Monday 12/20

9 pm – Poetry: Yule Festival – Healing Through Art

Open mike poetry reading in SL voice. Yule Festival by The Wild Fox Rovers continues with Live Music, Storytelling, and Poetry though January 2nd. In Ozland NE. [SLurl teleport at this link]


Tuesday 12/21

6 pm – Final Performance: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Act 3

Metaverse Shakespeare Company hosts this final performance of Shakespeare comedy in SL voice. Rumors of Virtual Male Baldness and an All Female Cast on voice morph are in the mix. Quite odd and fun, this lot! Also Sunday at 1pm on 12/19. In Shakespeare. [SLurl teleport at this link]


Wednesday 12/22

3 pm – Zorch Boomhauer @ Beach Party

Live Music at the beach with monster-wave surfing! Surfside Hideaway hosts one of SL’s favorite musicians for his swimsuit-clad fans! Surfs Up! In Tai. [SLurl teleport at this link]

7 pm – Criss Museum Artists Ball on Ice

Bring your main squeeze to this romantic Ball on Ice, and dance amongst the finest art in SL. Criss Museum of Contemporary Art now featuring stunning exhibitions by RL artists Chrome Underwood and Artemisia Naxos. In Alajuela. [SLurl teleport at this link]


Thursday 12/23

10 pm – Author Ari Berman’s “Herding Donkeys”

Interview with political strategist Ari Berman, writer for The Nation, who balanced headstrong political tactics by US Democrats, Rahm Emmanuel and Howard Dean, in his new book “Herding Donkeys”. Jay Ackroyd hosts. In Virtually Speaking. [SLurl teleport at this link]


Event Submission Guidelines:

1. Events for the coming week must be received by Tuesday Noon SLT.

2. Include all the relevant info; day, time, and especially the SLURL to the event location.

3. Please send related graphics such as screen shots or photo of the event site, if available.

4. Events with artistic, cultural, scientific, political, creative, and/or educational value preferred.

5. Events sponsored or promoted by real world corporations are welcome, as long they serve and entertain the Second Life community, and/or foster Resident-made content (live music, builds, scripting, fashion, games, etc.) Events that merely promote the company or organization’s Second Life presence are not generally appropriate; you may instead consider advertising your event or service on New World Notes.

6. Mature-rated events are permissible, but listing descriptions should be PG-13. Political and religious events are encouraged, though those of an extreme or non-inclusive variety are rarely included.

7. Bonus consideration given to game-related or machinima events, and for events with “I’ve never seen that in SL before!” value.

If you’d like an event to be considered, send the description and event information via email to Any1 Gynoid at Or contact her in-world via IM.

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