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Artificial Intelligence / Chatbots / Pathfinding / NPC Animations Class

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Pathfinding & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Class
3pm SLT Tuesday starting June 19, 2012 Weekly for 1 hour. Prerequisite: Basic Scripting.

In 60 minutes, we plan to cover: Intro to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots, PATHFINDING, and Brief Intro to Anims. Exercise: Build a sophisticated AI Character Hands-On

On alternate weeks, same time & place, our new course PATHFINDING CHARACTER ANIMATIONS will cover animating any SL prim or mesh characters from scratch. Including sounds, sensors, pathfinding, chatbots…. everything! When you complete the advanced course you will earn NCI’s prestigious CERTIFIED AI BUILDER certificate, HAL 9000 series. Already 31 have earned this certificate!

Click SL URL to Teleport (Main Second Life Grid – Agni) Join us!

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May 18, 2012 at 3:21 pm

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